Trump on Fight with Federal Judges over Travel Ban: ‘We Will Never Give Up’

‘We don’t give up — we never give up’


TRUMP: "So we'll be doing something over the next couple of days. We don't give up. We never give up. We had a court that I disagree with. I disagree with -- by the way, whether you read it or watch it on television when other lawyers come on, many of them can't even understand. They're saying how do you come up with that decision. It cannot be more simple. So their ruling on what I just read you and they don't even quote it in their -- you can't because it's too obvious. So we will do something next week I think you'll be impressed. Let's see what happens. Here's the bottom line. We have to keep our country safe. Thank you look at what's happening. We've got to keep our country safe."

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