Attorney: Without Immunity, ‘Flynn’s Never Going to Testify’

‘And the FBI’s going to have to release transcripts’


WHITFIELD: "And Richard. Want to finalize the thought on that?”

HERMAN: "Yeah, FBI has made a determination that General Flynn did nothing illegal and if you examine this Logan act that you hear everybody talking about, which nobody has enforced in the history of the Logan act and forget that. There's going to be no criminal prosecution against Flynn for that, but there will be an investigation and it's important the American people want to know who directed Flynn to go there. Who directed --"

WHITFIELD: "There's a real conclusion, it's really more the issue of the pursuit of the investigation against Flynn and what he talked about happened."

FRIEDMAN: "But it won't."

HERMAN: "If they don't give Flynn immunity, he's never going to testify. And the FBI's going to have to release transcripts.

FRIEDMAN: "They're going to have to give Flynn immunity in order to get to the truth here."

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