Peter King on Trump & Russia: ‘So Far This Is Not a Story; No Evidence of Any Collusion’

‘We’re going to fully investigate Russia and it should be’


KING: "To me, so far this is not a story. Let me tell you why. I'm on the Intelligence Committee. We're going to fully investigate Russia and it should be. If there's any evidence at all, it should be followed to the fullest extent. Take 'The New York Times,' it's basically a rerun of the story they ran months ago. It talks about three possible people who had some connection with Donald Trump who were in touch with Russian. Then buried in the middle of the story it says after all this investigation, there is no evidence of any collusion and there's no evidence of any criminal activity. That's where it's at. And that investigation, I know that Jim Comey is pursuing it, he's going to go forward. But as of now there is nothing." 

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