Moulton: We All Have to Worry When You Have Someone Like Trump with His Finger on the Button

‘I think that Trump is playing with fire’


MOULTON: "I think that Trump is playing with fire. All joking aside, it shows how dangerous it is to have someone like that being commander-in-chief. The Special Operations commander for all of the world came out the other day and said this government is in chaos, dysfunctional. Senator McCain has said the same thing. When you have someone like Donald Trump with his finger on the nuclear button, then we all have to be worried. That’s why again it’s so important that we rise above partisan politics here and do a serious independent bipartisan investigation of what’s going on. I’m not standing here as a Democrat saying only Democrats should investigate this. I’m saying Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill should sit down together and find out what the connection is between Trump and Russia."

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