Santa Barbara Massacre: Madman Kills 6, Himself

The killer taped a confession stating he’s a 22-year-old virgin seeking to kill blonde women

Coverage of Elliot Rodger stirs debate after Isla Vista rampage (The Los Angeles Times)

Aleast one of the victims' acquaintances has expressed anger over the intense focus on rampage suspect Elliot Rodger, saying it's distracting from remembering his six victims.

"It makes me sick seeing those videos over and over again," said Matt Moore, who went to high school with one of the victims, Christopher Michaels-Martinez. "By continuously showing the videos and stuff, you're putting the limelight on him and not the people he killed.... I want to remember Chris."

Added Marek Schmidt, a UC Santa Barbara student who knew victim James Hong: "I'd prefer the focus to be on the victims, not the shooter."

Rodger, 22, left behind videos and writings that vividly describe his life, his anger and his plan to kill people in the college town.

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