Scarborough: GOP Will Be ‘Hammered’ in 2018 for ‘Wagon Circling’ on Flynn

‘The Intel community would dig into this because a lot of Americans had questions about Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia’


SCARBOROUGH: "When you have the concerns about connections with Russia and you also have the concerns about the hacking of the DNC, and you have Donald Trump seeming to orchestrate that, asking the Russians to hack other -- other material of Hillary Clinton’s, then, obviously, the Intel Community, Willie, would not be doing their job and, Mika, the Intel Community would not be doing their job if they didn’t say, we have got to look into this because you and I, and of course --"
SCARBOROUGH: "-- we have expressed this not only to Donald Trump specifically but Jared Kushner and other people inside the White House."
BRZEZINSKI: "Yes, we have."
SCARBOROUGH: "Constantly saying there’s something there with Russia. We don’t get it. What is it?"
BRZEZINSKI: "And we are not comfortable with it."
SCARBOROUGH: "And of course, no -- no -- there are no answers."
BRZEZINSKI: "There --"
SCARBOROUGH: "There’s something out there. And -- and again, Republicans saying that the Intel Community was just on a witch hunt against Michael Flynn is an insult to Americans and that is the sort of wagon circling that will add on top of other problems for the 2018 race and --"
BRZEZINSKI: "And -- I mean --"
SCARBOROUGH: "-- they will be hammered for it."

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