Krauthammer on Flynn: ‘This Is a Cover up Without a Crime’

‘It was, I think, clearly an innocent act in the first place’


KRAUTHAMMER: "I think there are a lot of mysteries here. That’s one of them. For all of thisdea that high officials are being targeted by enemies inside and outside the administration, there’s nothing new there. The reason Flynn is gone is not because he was a target of political assasasnation. It’s because he lied about something material to the vice president of the United States, left him hanging, telling a lie in public in a way that was ultimately embarrassing. You cannot do that. I have maintained from the beginning this is a cover-up without a crime. There is N nhing wrong with an incoming national security adviser talking with the Russians, , king about sanctions with the Russians. It’s not illegal. It’s not improper, but you can’t lied to the vice president about it. The mystery here and I think the reason you need an investigation is why would Flynn have done that? It was, I think, clearly an innocent act in the first place. Is there anything else he’s covering up? Are there any other contacts he might’ve been afraid would come out?"

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