Mark Cuban: ‘I Think We’re All Bigots’

‘I don’t think there’s any question about that’

Mark Cuban: 'A racist I am not' (CNBC)

Mark Cuban strongly rejected suggestions he's a racist, and accused critics of taking his controversial comments on race out of context. He did, however, apologize for one of the examples he used when admitting he has prejudices.

In an on-stage interview for the GrowCo conference in Nashville, the Dallas Mavericks owner said: "If I see a black kid in a hoodie at night ... on the same side of the street, I'm probably going to walk to the other side of the street." He added that he would also cross the street to avoid "a white guy with a shaved head and lots of tattoos."

But, he continued, "Other than safety issues, I try to always catch my prejudices and recognize and be very self-aware that my stream of thought is never perfect and I've got to be careful. To me, that's part of growing up and what I try to instill in my kids."

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