Colbert on Trump’s Nat’l. Security Lapses: Posts About Nuclear Launch Codes Should Have Blown Up

‘The Trump team handled an international crisis like teens at an after-prom party looking at Derek’s Instagram’

COLBERT: "Trump took the call on his cell phone at the table and the meal quickly morphed into a strategy session in full view of the fellow diners. That's right. The Trump team handled an international crisis like teens at an after-prom party looking at Derek's Instagram. Did you know he's with Kaylen, did you know he is with Kaylen, I didn't know Kaylen had nukes. That's sad. Other diners even posted Facebook photos of Trump and Abe looking at one imagined are classified documents by the light of someone's cell phone flash light. But I'm sure those documents are secure unless that cell phone flash light also somehow has a camera attached to it it. Can't happen. Another guy posted Facebook photos of himself with a guy who carries around the nuclear launch codes, identifying the staffer by name. This is Rick. Rick is the man. Or Rick is the man-- or more accurately Rick was the man, until his identity was compromised next to the carving station. The guy has since taken down the Facebook post. And I can't blame him. He only got 20 likes. I think a post about the nuclear launch codes really should have blown up."

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