Krauthammer: There’s a ‘Visceral’ Reaction to Trump But ‘He Feeds Back into It’ with His Own Invective

‘Then, you get a new generation, raised in an atmosphere, where there are no adults in the room’

KRAUTHAMMER: "Look, it is clearly going to have an effect, the younger people will grow up in an atmosphere where this kind of invective is the norm. I wouldn’t disagree on one point, about this being completely new. George W. Bush received as much abuse as any president I have ever seen. In fact, I’m the one who coined the phrase “The Bush Derangement Syndrome” because of the fact that so many people on the left were attacking him in ways that were deranged. They were over the top and it was a personal animus. He was called a Nazi and all that. So, we forget. The difference is this, that tenet has set in after the Iraq war. It was a reaction to something that Bush had done. Today, Trump, who has only been in office for 30 days, I mean, for three weeks, and he has got this reaction, it is a visceral, personal reaction to him. I do think it can only have a negative effect. The problem is, he feeds back into it with his own invective. Then, you get a new generation, raised in an atmosphere, where there are no adults in the room."

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