CNN’s Evan Perez: 9th Circuit Ruling a ‘Decisive Rebuke to the Trump Admin’

‘This was a decisive rebuke to the Trump Administration by a three-judge panel in Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’


PEREZ: "This was a decisive rebuke to the Trump Administration by a three-judge panel in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The 29-page order nearly slaps away every argument that the government made seeking to reinstate its temporary travel ban of people from seven Muslim majority countries. There’s still a lot of legal battles ahead. This unanimous ruling only dealt with whether the government could reinstate the executive order. Here are some key takeaways from the ruling. The court said the government hasn’t shown any national security concerns to justify the ban. One line from the ruling getting a lot of attention is that the government hasn’t shown evidence of anyone from these seven countries who carried out a terrorist attack in the United States. The court also said that the public has a right to freedom from discrimination and the court also found that the states of Washington and Minnesota have the right to sue because they suffered injury from the president’s executive order." 

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