CNN’s Acosta: Trump Admin Is Looking for Another Setback in Supreme Court

‘They may be looking at another setback when it comes to the Supreme Court, if it gets that far’

ACOSTA: "You heard in that audio that we played earlier, that he sees this decision as political. That is an echo of what he said just yesterday when he made those comments to law enforcement officials gathered here in Washington, that the courts are acting in a political fashion. But we've talked about this. This is a president who is sort of new to this when it comes to dealing with other co-equal branches of government. This is the judicial branch of the government saying you've gone too far here. So he's got to make his case to a Supreme Court which deadlocked four Democrats, 4 Republicans. But keep in mind, that Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals had a Republican who heard this case, a Bush appointee. So it's not exactly a sure thing this will be dead locked 4-4. They may be looking at another setback when it comes to the Supreme Court, if it gets that far. Unless this is taken up immediately by the Supreme Court, they're looking at weeks, perhaps months of this temporary restraining order being in place and this travel ban being frozen. The new normal for this White House is going to be dealing with the fact that this ban is not going to be going into effect any time soon."

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