Carney: The President Is Not at All Pleased with Some of the Allegations Against the VA

'... And will be extremely unhappy if some of them prove to be true'

ACOSTA: "He's known about the long wait times for several years. But the issue of the concealing those wait times, the practices that were being implemented at certain facilities around the country to hide the wait times, to make their records, I guess, look better in terms of how long veterans would have to wait, that is something that the president did not know about until just a few weeks ago?"
CARNEY: "Again, Jim, we can repeat this. And I apologize if there was a lack of clarity on my part yesterday. I was responding to a question about, I understood, from CNN, about CNN's report about allegations including that some veterans had died as a result of these issues in the Phoenix facility. That matter is under independent investigation by the IG, the IG himself has made some statements about that investigation and the results of it so far. The secretary of Veterans Affairs, Eric Shinseki, has also launched his own review of those allegations and others have emerged in the wake of that reporting. And we -- the president and the rest of us -- await the results of those two inquiries. And he is not at all pleased with some of the allegations and will be extremely unhappy if some of them prove to be true. But he will wait for the facts and the investigations as we all should, and then insist that action be taken and people be held accountable."
ACOSTA: "So how long has the president known about the concealing of these wait times?"
CARNEY: "You know what, Jim, I would urge you to wait for the outcome of these investigations."
ACOSTA: "How long has the secretary known about these wait times?"
CARNEY: "I would refer you to the Veterans Affairs department."
ACOSTA: "You just don't know that at this point, is that what you're saying?"
CARNEY: "I would refer you to the secretary for Veterans Affairs at the VA."

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