Andrea Mitchell: Trump’s ‘Making It More Difficult’ for Gorsuch by Attacking Seattle Judge

‘Now, what you’re going to have is another pretext ... for Democrats to challenge this nominee on every aspect of the separation of powers’


MITCHELL: "Well, possibly, for a constitutional crisis. But I think not, because overnight, the administration, State Department, Homeland, agreed with lifting the ban as it applied to people who had been restricted. And they are following the judge’s order. Now this judge is likely, you know, the appeals court has to weigh in. This could end up in the Supreme Court. There’s a long process. I think the problem that Donald Trump is creating for himself is a political one. By tweeting the “so-called judge,” and by criticizing the judiciary, he is raising the bar. He’s making it more difficult for a very credible nominee to the Supreme Court in his confirmation hearings."

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