Pence: ‘One Way or the Other’ Neil Gorsuch Will ‘Get an up or Down Vote’

‘In my view, chief among those promises was his commitment to nominate someone to the Supreme Court who will be faithful to the constitution, interpret the law as written’


PENCE: "Judge Neil Gorsuch, with his academic background, with ten years on the court, as someone who was unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate ten years ago to the Court of Appeals in the Tenth Circuit— I think represents— that promise kept to the American people. And we remain very confident— that despite— some of the posturing that we see in the Senate today— that Judge Gorsuch is— is going to be well received by members in the Senate. And I— and I’ll promise you. One way or the other, he’s gonna get an up or down vote on the floor of the Senate."

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