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Tony Perkins: Trump’s Remarks at the Prayer Breakfast ‘Were Very Much on Target’
‘I thought it was outstanding’


PERKINS: "Shannon, I thought it was outstanding. The president’s remarks were very on target as well as the keynote, chaplain Barry Black from the Senate talked about how our voice needs to be heard in heaven. That's the most important thing. The President really focused, as you pointed out, on religious liberty, but not just internationally. He also focused on it domestically and was very clear. He called once again for the repeal of the Johnson Amendment which was introduced yesterday with Steve Scalise majority whip in the house, Jody Hice and James Langford, senator of Oklahoma was there as we introduced that bill again and the President said it's going to become law. Religious freedom needs to flourish in this country because our country’s ability to flourish is contingent upon that. So it was a very encouraging speech." 

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