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MGM’s Mark Burnett Talks About Reading ‘Art of the Deal’ as a New Immigrant
‘The book had got me going’

"Most of you in this room know the bible series of chorus. But it's a lot longer than that. In the late 80s, I was sitting on Venice beach selling t-shirt, wondering how to get going in America and that I start a real business. I came across the book, the arts of the deal. [Laughter] Book really, really inspired me, really got me going and thinking America is the kind of place and started business. I wonder if I'm ever going to be in the presence and set eyes on the guy that wrote this book. Albert out. It got me going in business. I started a little show called it either. They took the country by storm and after a few years I was producing the finale of survivor. I can take it into the real jungle, New York City. I needed a great actor off, the Manhattan skyline, a lot of it don't buy the men who wrote the art of the deal. I found a skating rink. Right in central park with the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline. My dad made a deal with Mr. Trump only got 5000 seats of bleachers in central park. I still never met Mr. Trump that I got on stage with five minutes to go and had good energy with live TV sitting right in the front row, Mr. Donald Trump. My dream had come true really. The book had got me going and now I'm in the presence of the man himself, Donald Trump."

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