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Cecile Richards: Many of Our Patients Are Republicans
‘We have great support from some of the Republicans in office’


RICHARDS: "Well we have great support from some of the Republicans in office. And as you say, so many of our patients are Republicans. In fact, there was a poll that someone, I think 'Politico' did in the elect -- right at the end of the election that said half of President Trump’s own voters supported federal funding for Planned Parenthood. Many of them are our patients. And they believe this election was about draining the swamp and creating jobs, not about taking away their access to health care. I would point out that we have three health centers in Paul Ryan’s own district. These are centers that just provide family planning and cancer screenings. And that -- that's a lot of what we're seeing. It's like the women are concerned. They concerned about losing their access to family planning and to Planned Parenthood."

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