Krauthammer: McConnell ‘Should Drop the Nuclear Option’ on Dems for SCOTUS Pick and ‘It Will Be Extremely Satisfying’

‘I think either choice for conservatives will be spectacular’


KRAUTHAMMER: "I think either choice for conservatives will be spectacular in any either choice for the schumer-ites will be a battle. They have probably prepared their personal attacks on the nominee before knowing who it is. It is going to be what Ted Kennedy said about Robert bork, all the terrible things. They will fail. I don’t know whether or not there pointed to a battle to the end but I think everybody understands that Mitch McConnell, if it comes to it, and they decide to filibuster, is going to drop the nuclear option on them as he should, and it will be extremely satisfying. Because of course that was Harry Reid who did that for the circuit court’s nomination for cabinet nominees, abolish the filibuster. This would be perfectly in step."

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