Hayden: Trump’s Order ‘Will Make Us Less Safe’ and Motivate Some to Take up Arms Against Us

‘We strengthen the forces within Islam who want this to be a war between Islam and the West, between Islam and modernity’


TAPPER: "Let's talk about the executive order on immigration and banning refugees temporarily from everywhere, banning refugees indefinitely from Syria, and then, of course, the travel ban from seven majority Muslim countries that have been pinpointed as national security concerns. Do you think the executive order will make the United States safer?" 
HAYDEN: "No. In fact, Jake, I believe quite the opposite. It will make us less safe. Look, the executive order is based upon two, I think, very twisted pictures of reality, number one, that immigrants, visa holders and refugees were an imminent, almost apocalyptic threat to the United States, and, number two, that we had no procedures for vetting these individuals. Both of those are untrue. So, we take this very dramatic step, which I think would be justified only in emergency circumstances." 

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