Syrian Refugee: We’re with What President Trump Is Doing 100 Percent

‘Well, we are 100 percent with President Trump’


BALDWIN: “I think it’s — it’s fascinating that you have these, you know, refugees or immigrants who are in this country who are saying what Mr. Trump is doing is a good thing. You say what he’s doing is right, I want you to tell me why?”
WEHBEY: “Well, we are 100 percent with President Trump and redirecting the refugee situation which was made a lot of concern and a lot of us were concerned about the refugee situation that was put by the previous administrations. Now, redirecting the refugee situation right now, especially with the new administration, is something that is very important to keep the United States safe and to come back to the right track in helping the — the refugees not only the Syrian refugees but the refugees from all over the world.”

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