Ellison: Trump Order Not About National Security; It’s About’ Prejudice’

‘We’ve got to keep the focus on what is really happening here’


ELLISON: "People are afraid. There are people all over this country who saw that there was this mosque attack in Canada and people really do feel that when the President green lights hatred of a particular group that obviously the negative people will come out of the woodwork and do things that would not be socially acceptable like committing mass murder, but these things are sort of allowed when the very head of our country is saying things like we should have a Muslim ban, that Muslims are a dangerous group of people amongst us. The refugees we're talking about here get screened 18 to 24 months. These people are under intense vetting already. This is not about American national security. This is about prejudice. This is about singling out people and we've got to keep the focus on what is really happening here. Our country is in a Japanese internment space and I hope folks really focus in on that."

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