LZ Granderson: A ‘Good Week’ for Trump and His Supporters, ‘Bad Week’ for Everyone Else

‘It’s going to be exhausting opposing Trump’

RADDATZ: "And, LZ, I just want your reaction to Friday and the whole week, a good week for Donald Trump?"
GRANDERSON: "A good week for Donald Trump and his supporters; as you were saying, a bad week for basically everyone else. I went back to listen to some of the campaign speeches he gave during 2016. And one thing that kind of reoccurred over and over again was, oh, let them protest. They’ll eventually go home. And then I had some conversations last night with a Republican senator, who disapproves of this ban. And one of the first things he said to me that was so striking was that, you know, it’s going to be exhausting opposing Trump. So this seems to be part of who he wants to be and how he wants to govern. Let your critics get exhausted. And eventually they’ll leave you alone and let you do what you want to do."

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