McCaul on Trump Exec. Orders: ‘Safer Day for Americans with One Stroke of the Pen’

‘He closed off more terror pathways than the past eight years under President Obama’

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MCCAUL: "It’s a safer day for Americans with one stroke of the pen. He closed off more terror pathways than the past eight years under President Obama. This is nothing really new. It’s something that mayor Rudy Guliani and I briefed the president on during the campaign. Each extreme medium though that was produced, judge Mukasey. It talks about the high threat overseas and ramping up the vetting process to make sure we don’t have any more San Bernardinos in this country, Orlandos. All these areas where people come in to the United States and perpetrate terror attacks. I applaud the president for doing this. Also, one thing that I don’t think he mentioned will suspend the refugee program in particular, the Syrian refugee program indefinitely. That’s a very significant campaign promise that he’s followed through with today. I just talked to general Kelly before this interview about this executive order. And I will be working with the secretary in the Congress to help implement these executive orders."


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