Gutfeld: There’s Some Fake News Trump Likes, Just Ask Ted Cruz and His Dad Who Killed JFK

‘There is fake news he enjoys and fake news he doesn’t’


GUTFELD: "He won’t let things go. You just explained it. At first, what Bannon said, he didn’t say shut up. He said basically, listen first. He said shut up and just listen. President Obama has had the same thing but in different terms. He would criticize the media about getting we’d up. That’s kind of what they’re saying. On another network last night, saying, quote, “We’re not supposed to be estate-run TV.” She says this after eight years of state-run TV. I will say this, when trump said he hates fake news, he doesn’t hate all fake news. There is some fake news that he likes, just ask Ted Cruz and his dad who killed JFK. And also, he likes info wars. There is fake news he enjoys and fake news he doesn’t."


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