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Krauthammer: If the Pig-Human Chimera Doesn’t Scare You, ‘You Don’t Understand What’s Going On’
‘The loser, I hate to be apocalyptic, is the human race’

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KRAUTHAMMER: "Winner is Mike Pence. When trump runs into trouble as he did early this week, see the rambling speech, looking at pence, wonderful at the March, reassuring. He always wins by comparison. The loser, I hate to be apocalyptic, is the human race. We just had the worst news of the European scientists have announced the creation of a pig-humankind marrow, produced a creature that is part human, part pig. So when --"
BAIER: "Do we have a picture of this?"
KRAUTHAMMER: "You don’t grow it to the size where it actually can be boring. They want to use it to grow human organs in pigs. But the implications of this are simply staggering. We shouldn’t be doing anything near this despite the fact that it holds out some promise for making spare parts create if you’re not scared by this, you don’t understand what is going on."

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