Chris Hayes: Sanctions Placed on Russia Under Obama Admin To Be Rolled Back

‘President Trump will speak with — Russian president Vladimir Putin by phone this weekend’

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HAYES: "Breaking news tonight. NBC News has learned from one source in the administration familiar with the planning that President Trump will speak with Russian president Vladimir Putin by phone this weekend. Also, there are reports an executive order to roll back sanctions placed on Russia under the Obama Administration could also come as early as this weekend. The news coming 24 hours after the president's first sit down interview as president of the United States in which he talked about a whole range of things from building his famous wall to his opinion that torture works to the size of his inauguration crowds to his false claim of widespread voter fraud. But what he didn't talk about was Russia, neither the intelligence community's assessment that Russia tried to influence the election in his favor nor the multiple reports amid ongoing investigation by several different U.S. Intelligence agencies into possible links between Russian officials and members of Trump's presidential campaign. There's also an ongoing Senate Intelligence Committee investigation into Trump's campaign ties to Russia as part of its inquiry into Russian efforts directed against the 2016 U.S. elections. The House Intelligence Committee has launched a similar investigation so perhaps it doesn't matter if Trump doesn't talk about Russia. Between the intelligence agencies and both chambers of Congress, there are enough people — Republicans and Democrats and everyone in between — doing it for him."

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