Trump: ‘ObamaCare Is a Disaster’

‘Our legislative work starts with repealing and replacing ObamaCare’


TRUMP: "And remember this, for this room in particular, ObamaCare is a disaster. The Democrats are up and saying, 'Oh,' they are putting up signs like it's wonderful. It’s a disaster. I actually talked with Paul in the group about just doing nothing for two years, and the Dems would come begging to do something because '17 is going to be catastrophic price increases. Your deductibles are through the roof, you can’t use it. You can’t use it. And they would come to us. Except we have one problem. We have to take care of the American people immediately. So we can’t wait. (Applause) But every time they tell you about ObamaCare, we are taking them out of a big jam. Big jam. We’re putting ourselves at risk, to a certain extent, because we are taking it off their platter. But I think, Congressman, I think we have no choice. I think we have no choice. We have to get it going."

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