McGurn: Trump’s ‘America First’ Means ‘Just America First,’ Not the 1941 ‘American First’

‘I think lead from behind, President Obama’s thing, was a lot closer to the original spirit of America first’


McGURN: “First of all, congratulations on the show. I’m a big fan, the whole family. Second, the irony of this, I think Donald Trump means by 'America first,' just America first. We are going to have other countries assume their share of the burden. I am not sure I’m on board with all of the policy. But the idea that it is the 1941 'America first,' the arch enemy, next to FDR of the 1941 movement was Winston Churchill because the 'America first' movement saw him trying to get us into England’s war. He just restored the bust of Winston Churchill to the Oval Office. I think 'Lead from behind,' President Obama’s thing, was a lot closer to the original spirit of 'America first.' Plus, you have the president saying, he is going to destroy ISIS, so he is not saying that this is not our fight. He has appointed men like John Mattis, Rex Tillerson, they are hardly cut from the 1941 cloth.”

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