Conway: ‘President Trump Made Good on His Promise to Withdraw from TPP’

‘He will negotiate bilateral deals in the future’

CONWAY: "It is. Donald Trump, a man of action, high-energy, high impact. First full day on the job in the White House as President Trump. It’s just remarkable what got done the first day. President Trump and vice president pence hosted a major CEO of companies that are in manufacturing, great job creators. These men and women came here to really talk about how to unleash American manufacturing, how to create more jobs. And do that without the regulation taxation to which they become accustomed. Such a productive conversation and I think they’ll learn from each other. They went to the oval office and tried chatted more. Steps away from here. President Trump asked him, how many of you have been in the oval office before? A few hands went up. Hours later, President Trump hosted labor union leaders trade guys and gals. It was a remarkable exchange on day one. President Trump made good on his promise to withdraw from TPP. And to look at trade deals, of the American worker, who is there for us as a country. Not giving away to someone else. He will negotiate bilateral deals in the future. They have to benefit the American worker and the American interest."

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