News Anchor Rips Into Her Own Viewers for Complaining About Storm Coverage

‘No show is as important as someone’s life ... it really gets me mad!’

Anchor Rips Viewers For Complaining That Tornado News Interrupted 'Once Upon A Time' (Huffington Post)

KSFY's Nancy Naeve scolded viewers for complaining that the station's tornado warnings interrupted Sunday's "Once Upon A Time" season finale.

"No show is as important as someone's life," Naeve, a news anchor for the ABC affiliate in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, said in a finger-pointing rant. She punctuated her unscripted moment with "It really gets me mad."

Naeve was addressing those who griped via phone and social media over co-anchor Shawn Cable's live coverage when tornadoes struck in the viewing area Sunday night.

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