Connecticut: Family Loses ObamaCare Coverage Due to 'Computer Glitch'

'We have no coverage, no insurance. We can't get our medication, my wife can't get her medication'

Family Loses Obamacare Coverage Due To Glitch (Washington Free Beacon)

A Connecticut family was dropped from their Obamacare plan due to a glitch when they enrolled last fall, WVIT-CT reports.

The glitch occurred when Sharon, Connecticut man John DiMarco went back to change an enrollment form last fall that was eventually sent to his insurance company. That form omitted John and Dawn DiMarco’s $1100 subsidy.

The couple spent weeks going back and forth with state agencies over their resulting bill which was thousands more than advertised. Then, this month, they received a cancellation notice from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

“We have no coverage, no insurance. We can’t get our medication, my wife can’t get her medication,” an exasperated DiMarco told WVIT.

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