Huckabee: Trump Has ‘Delegitimized’ the Press

‘Donald Trump is speaking directly to the American people’


HUCKABEE: "Well I think it will be a fun show to watch. But the truth is Donald Trump is speaking directly to the American people instead of going through the filter of the press. They hate that. They can't stand it. He has -- he has delegitimized the press essentially and he's taken away their franchise, their exclusive ability to talk to the American people. And they're going crazy. But here is a news flash for them. They lacked the integrity to tell the truth. I mean, you had a report the other day that he had taken the bust of Martin Luther King Junior out of the White House -- hadn't happened but you know, it gets reported. So when -- when people talk about fake news, the American people understand that it's the mainstream media that has lost their credibility, not Donald Trump. And, you know, they can scream and they can yell and kick all they want to but I think Donald Trump has a responsibility to try to speak directly to the American people, and of course the press has every right to say what they wish."

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