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Stewart to Karl Rove: When Did You Start Caring About the Brain Fitness of Presidents?
'Unanswered questions! An attempted cover-up! My god, it's #brainghazi!'

STEWART: "Unanswered questions! An attempted cover-up! My god, it's #brainghazi! How many synapses died that day? We need to know the truth! #brainghazi! Just one question before you go there 'House M.D.' When did you start caring so much about the brain fitness of those who have to hold the oval office? I assume it was after your boss fell and banged his head after losing a battle with a pretzel. Dude blacks out, next thing you know he's starting an unprovoked war in Iraq. These days he spends his time eatin' applesauce and paintin' his feet!"

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