Conway: Those Relying on ObamaCare for Coverage Won’t Lose It

‘We want to make very clear to everyone, that those who are relying upon coverage will not lose it’

CONWAY: "He may. But look, we want to make very clear to everyone, that those who are relying upon coverage will not lose it. But you know many people have already lost their health care, millions already lost their health care, because they have it and can’t use it because of the explosive skyrocketing premiums, or they literally, George, lost their doctors or insurance plans or their access to health care through Obamacare. We hear from the millions of people every day that have lost their health care, their plans, basically got drilled down to 28 hours a week so they can’t access the health care that employers are supposed to provide. We want to help those millions of people. We have received through our transition over 225,000 comments and pleas from Americans, many of those, I have read many of those have to deal with health care. So, he’s going to replace this with a plan that allows you to buy insurance across state lines, that is much more centered around the patient, and access to health care, but — and I wish I had heard more of that from the women yesterday here in Washington. Why aren’t they talking about the millions of women who live in poverty, who don’t have health care after eight years of President Obama?"

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