Shia Labeouf Bullies, Physically Accosts Trump Supporter at ‘Unity’ Rally

‘He will not divide us!’

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In the midst of an anti-Trump performance art project set to go on for four years, Shia LaBeouf today badgered a Trump supporter who wandered into the proceedings. 

The project, based outside of the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City, features members of the public saying the phrase "he will not divide us" on a live stream that will supposedly broadcast for the duration of Trump's term.

For the second time since the event started, LeBeouf encountered a Trump supporter, and quickly flew off the handle.

"He will not divide us!" LaBeouf angrily shouts at the man, his face pressed against the Trump supporter's. "He will not divide us!" he repeats with increasing hostility.

The man attempts to take the bullying in stride but is eventually knocked to the side. 

Eventually a man wearing a "Unity" hat encourages LeBeouf to settle down. 

It's unclear how LeBeouf believes harassing Trump supporters help keep Trump from dividing America. 

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