Howard Fineman: Karl Rove, GOP Strategy is to Scare Hillary Out of Running in 2016

'I don't think you would say that about any man -- that you are going to scare him out of the race because he is not tough enough'

MSNBCers Suggest Calls for Hillary’s Medical Records Are ‘Sexist’, Birther-Like (Mediaite)

Former Bush advisor Karl Rove recently engaged in a bit of tasteless speculation regarding just how fit former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is to run for president in 2016. His commentary, centering on the former first lady’s mental fitness after suffering a debilitating fall in 2012, was impolitic and discourteous. But any layman can see that. It takes an analyst on MSNBC to unearth the sexism and conspiracy mongering in Rove’s commentary.

“So, Karl Rove there, basically calling for Hillary’s health records,” MSNBC host Krystal Ball opined on Tuesday. “Is that going to be the 2016 equivalent of calling for Obama’s birth certificate?”

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