2013 Flashback: Mary Landrieu Says 'Unelect' Me if You Don't Like ObamaCare

New polling suggests Senator Landrieu's constituents are ready to "unelect" her

Louisianans Are Ready To “Unelect” Mary Landrieu (America Rising)

Last year, Mary Landrieu said that if her constituents did not like ObamaCare they could “unelect” her. Well, Southern Media and Opinion Research released a poll that showed that could be the direction Louisiana voters are heading.

WWL reported:

“The poll finds Landrieu’s support of the Affordable Care Act – ‘Obamacare’ – is a problem for her reelection campaign. Sixty-three percent of respondents said they were against the ACA.”

That’s not good news for Landrieu, who has said she is “standing in this election as a supporter of the Affordable Care Act.”

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