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John Bolton: Bill Maher Is Right, Liberals Are too PC when it Comes to Islam
'If you can't talk about what the problem is and identify it accurately, you can hardly take steps to solve it'

BOLTON: "I think part of the problem that he identifies is that the left, the academic establishment, the Obama administration are reluctant to criticize Islamic terrorists and radical Islamists because they fear that the rest of the Muslim world will take that as a criticism of Islam generally. There are several things wrong with that. Number one, I don't think there is an Muslim world any more than there a Christian world. There are a lot of Muslims in the world, and you know, they have different opinions. What a shocking thought. To say they are not capable of distinguishing between terrorists and other Muslims I think is patronizing and condescending. That's what is partly wrong with the approach that denies that terrorism caused by Islamic extremists remains a continuing threat. If you can't talk about what the problem is and identify it accurately, you can hardly take steps to solve it."
MACCALLUM: "Yeah, I mean it's a great point. I mean, yeah, you think about alcoholism or any other issue. What's always said is that until you recognize where the problem is coming from and you have a good grasp much it you cannot begin to solve the problem. And as you pointed out, this reflected on one of the largest populations in Africa. Nigeria is obviously a huge country. And if it has a problem that has resulted in the kidnapping of these girls we need to look at it with clear eyes, right?"
BOLTON: "And we need to go beyond the immediate tragedy that we see unfolding. The idea that somehow -- as the president's wife said in her Saturday radio address -- this has too to do with adult men suppressing the aspirations of young girls makes it like it's a bunch of male chauvinists who have canceled some women's college athletics program. This is terrorism and it's part of a much larger problem across North Africa and the Middle East. So understanding what's involved here and its relationship to terrorism to Libya, in Mali, in Algeria, whether the groups are acting together or not, they spring from a common radicalism within Islam that's a problem for the people who live there and around the world."

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