Manchin: John Lewis Can Help Heal This Rift with the Inaugural Boycott

‘There’s not a Democrat or Republican that doesn’t not only respect John Lewis but loves John Lewis’


MANCHIN: "First of all, let me just say, John Lewis is an icon. There’s not a Democrat or Republican that doesn’t only respect John Lewis but loves John Lewis. John can help heal this and I think he will. He’s the leader and John gets it. He’ll come back and we’ll bring things together. Right now people are feeling sympathy to John Lewis and maybe this is what they’re doing, fine. They have to come back to why they’re sitting here. They’re sitting here to represent their districts. Not themselves, not their own personal ideas or personal beliefs or feelings, but basically the people that sent him here. I think we’ll rise to that. You talked earlier about 1968. I remember '68 very well. I was 21 years old, and I'm out there and I'm watching. I thought the country was going to fall apart back at that time. Vietnam, we’re all getting drafted. The country was imploding. But you know what, we made it."

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