MSNBC: Polls Show Trump’s Entering Office with Low Approval Ratings

‘ Just after the election in mid November, his approval ratings were about even.

BRZEZINSKI: "Now to those poll numbers this morning that show President-Elect Trump entering office with low approval ratings. The new msnbc/"wall street journal" poll gives him a positive opinion rating of 38% with negative feelings at 48%. Just after the election in mid November, his approval ratings were about even. Down just two points in the quinnipiac poll and up one according to cnn/orc. Multiple polls yesterday showed similar numbers days before he takes the oval office, down ten points in the nbc/"wall street journal" poll at negative 12 points in monmouth university pole and down 18 in the ABC news/"the Washington Post" post and under nine by the cnn/orc poll. Some of trump's top priorities are in line with American voters. 78% say keeping jobs in the U.S. Is an absolute priority this year. 57% say imposing tariffs on country who take advantage of trade agreements 66% say the same about reducing the influence of lobbyists and big money in politics. 64% say now is the time to fund infrastructure projects, to proof roads and highways and bridges. And 59% say take an aggressive position against ISIS including bombings and deploying more troops. Only 30% of the people polled say they are extremely or quite confident. 70% are somewhat or not confident. Trump's 30% confidence rating compares to 54% of president Obama in 2009, 40% to George W. Bush in 2001 and 50% for bill Clinton in 1993."

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