Noah: Obama Is Baby Proofing America Before He Leaves

‘— which makes sense because America has essentially elected a giant baby’

NOAH: "In three days Barack Obama will no longer be the official president of the United States. No, no, he'll still be the unofficial president. You know why? There is no term limits in people's hearts. Now, with less than a week to go, before you're no longer president, you would think Barack would spend most of his time playing Xbox in the Situation Room with Joe Biden, hanging out eating pizza. Looks like they're having fun. Obama is, like, boom! You're the second guy who died on the screen. President Obama is not only trying to cement his legacy but working on the transition to President Trump. But what I've noticed is, it feels less like a transfer of power and more like Obama has been baby proofing America. No, no, which makes sense because America has essentially elected a giant baby. And like any good parent, you need to bolt things to the wall, you move valuables to the high shelves. You baby cake the stairs because as much as you chose this little (bleep) you know they're probably going to destroy the place. You know this is true! And that is exactly what Obama is trying to prevent. Take for example the environment. We know baby Trump doesn't believe in climate change, restricting oil drilling or moving toward green energy. So Papa Obama is taking some land and putting it on a high shelf."

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