Obama Praises Josh Earnest: He’s ‘Got that All-American, Matinee, Good Looking Thing Going’

‘— Then the guys name is Josh Earnest, which, if somebody is speaking on your behalf, is a pretty good name to have’

OBAMA: “I’m not interrupting because he was saying nice things about you guys, because I largely concur. When I first met Josh Earnest, he was in Iowa. I think he was wearing jeans. He looked even younger than he was. And since my entire campaign depended on communications in Iowa I gave him a pretty good once-over. And there are a couple of things I learned about him right away. Number one, he’s just got that all-American, matinee, good looking thing going. And that is helpful, let’s face it. Face made for television. Then the guy's name is Josh Earnest. Which, if somebody is speaking on your behalf, is a pretty good name to have.”

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