Ingraham: Trump Will Have ‘Honest,’ ‘Good’ Relationship with Intel Community

‘I wouldn’t have used the Nazi Germany line that Trump did’


INGRAHAM: "Obviously Trump’s going to be president at noon on Friday. And I am sure the relationship with the intelligence community will be improved and there will be a lot more transparency where transparency is possibly with the CIA. I have a bunch of friends who are recent retirees at the CIA. And a number of them have said to me in recent months that there’s an upper echelon at the CIA that does have a political strain. Not that they’re not patriots or good people, but there are a lot of partisans in intelligence agencies. They're people, you know? They can be political at times. It doesn’t mean they don’t do a good job as well. But I think President Trump is going to have to have a good relationship, an honest relationship with the heads of all the intelligence agencies, and I’m looking forward to seeing how that develops."

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