Fox News: At Least 30 Dem Congress Members Are Boycotting the Inauguration

‘Some lawmakers saying they have questions about his legitimacy’


HENRY: "You’re right. We checked the record for Obama’s second inaugural, there were only four Republicans on record that didn’t show up. Three said they had scheduling conflicts. One was Mark Kirk that just had a stroke from Illinois. He was recuperating. This was not about snubbing the president of the United States. In sharp contrast, we now have a list of at least 30 democratic members of Congress and counting who are now saying they will not attend various — some lawmakers saying they have questions about his legitimacy. This is more than John Lewis from Georgia. We’re seeing prominent democratic leaders like Michelle Obama embracing it. She said “Thinking of great leaders like John Lewis made their example be our call to action” she added in the tweet. The vice president-elect Mike Pence told fox earlier that he wishes on this day of all days when we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr., that we would honor that legacy by coming together in Washington."

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