Rep. Chris Collins: John Lewis ‘a Spoiled Child,’ Can’t Get over Fact that Democrats Lost

‘We’re going to have some members of Congress that may never move on’

GOP Rep. Chris Collins: John Lewis "A Spoiled Child," Can't Get Over Fact That Democrats Lost (RealClearPolitics)

Rep. Chris Collins, (R-NY), on President-elect Donald Trump's transition, the war of words between Trump and Rep. John Lewis. Collins said it is "enjoyable to watch" Lewis and Democrats pout because it shows you how upset they are.

REP. CHRIS COLLINS (R-NY): My opinion is what John Lewis is doing is he's pouting. He lost, it's like a spoiled child and we've seen it with the others. They can't get over the fact they lost. And what do spoiled little kids do? They run around and throw a tantrum. That's what we're seeing.

They are pouting and frankly it's somewhat enjoyable to watch because it shows you again how upset they are when they were so smug they left Congress knowing Hillary Clinton is going to win. We should all actually just kind of grin a little bit and understand this is how hard this election hit them when Hillary lost. We've moved on and ultimately America will. But we're going to have some members of Congress that may never move on.

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