WSJ’s Seib: I’m Not Sure There Is a Unified Trump View of the World

‘I’m not sure there is a unified Trump view of the world to begin with’


SEIB: "By the way, it's going to help some of these people win Senate confirmation because people want to hear that they have tougher views on Russia than Donald Trump expressed, but it does raise the question of how do they get around a table and reach consensus on these issues. Because some of these differences are significant and it does open the question of whether there can be a Trump Administration unified view on Russia policy in particular."
O'DONNELL: "Are they Trump loyalists?"
SEIB: "I think the Trump loyalists, to the extent they're saying, 'I can serve with this guy.' I don't think they're basically advocating a particular Trump view of the world but I'm not sure there is a unified Trump view of the world to begin with."

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