Obama Economic Adviser Jason Furman Disagrees With Thomas Piketty

‘We certainly need a more progressive tax code, but there are better ways to do it than he proposed in that book’

Obama Economist Disagrees with Saint Piketty (Washington Free Beacon)

White House economic adviser Jason Furman appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box Thursday and was questioned whether the administration agrees with French economist and leftist hero Thomas Piketty’s belief of raising taxes and expanding the power and reach of government to solve economic woes.

“Do you agree with the prescriptions in Mr. Piketty’s book around taxation?” co-host Andrew Ross Sorkin asked.

“We certainly need a more progressive tax code but there are better ways to do it than he proposed in that book,” Furman said.

“The president in particular is proposing not to raise tax rates on higher income households, but to limit some of the tax benefits that high income households get,” Furman added.

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