Scarborough: Trump Needs to Realize ‘Little Marco’ Can ‘Gut Him’ Time and Again over the Next 4 Yrs

‘The same thing with Lindsey Graham’

SCARBOROUGH: " Final word about this, and this is very important: Donald Trump needs to understand, you call somebody 'little Marco' and you don't make good, what he doesn’t understand yet — I will say this, he does not understand this yet. 'Little Marco' is going to have a chance to gut him time and time again over the next four years. The same thing with Lindsey Graham. He had a wonderful opportunity to say something nice about Lindsey Graham. He referenced 1 percent again. Donald Trump needs to understand, Lindsey Graham is going to have a chance to derail him at some point over the next four years. What Donald Trump doesn’t understand is, it’s going to happen. This stuff he did on the campaign trail has to stop and I know I have to stop. I'm just saying."

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