Scarborough: Trump Needs to Give an ‘Unambiguous’ and ‘Unequivocal’ Statement Praising the Intel Community

‘The ball is in Donald Trump’s court’


SCARBOROUGH: "When your paper, 'The New York Times”, 'Wall Street Journal,' and other newspapers went out, they went out with independently verified facts yesterday, talking about, again, the two-page addendum and did exactly what they had to do. I don’t think, as we said yesterday, I don’t think they had much of a choice. I do think, right now, the ball is in Donald Trump’s court and he has had, we have seen, he’s made positive statements about the Intel community. He did it yesterday at the beginning of his press conference. Should have stopped there. We were talking about — remember the great statement he put out at the beginning of the week? Great if you’re in the Intel community. And we said, I think on a Saturday morning, he has great respect for the Intel community. And then we said, 'What should he do?' He should have just gone out and golfed. He needs to give an unequivocal and unambiguous statement praising the Intel community and thanking James Clapper for reaching out last night and using this as a reset." 

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